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Update July 20 - 2010 Pro's and Con's "The Every Other Day Diet - Weight Loss Program" By Health Experts

The Every Other Day Diet is designed by Jon Benson, a well respect a fitness expert. It's diet program has received excellent testimonials and expert reviews since 2004. In this program, you can eat fatty foods every other day and you still lose weight as long as you workout right and eat highly nutritious, low-fat high-protein foods on the first day. As always, we provide you with information and health expert Pro and Con opinions toward this program. Please read the information carefully and consult your doctor before applying, if you decide to follow the route of this diet program.

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Lose Weight Diets - The Every Other Day Diet
By D. H. Poole

Are you checking out all the lose weight diets you can right now? If you are, you will have found a number of diets that rely on very different principals from each other. Now you have to ask yourself about why there are so many and which one will work for you. Have you gotten that far yet? This article gives the basics of the Every Other Day Diet.
The Every Other Day Diet depends on the concept of 'interval eating' to work. Very basically, you are allowed to eat anything you want every other day. But you will have to stick to the specified diet on all those other days.
This concept depends on two things -
It will be far more acceptable to most people. If you have seriously tried dieting before, you will realize that it is just not fun. After a few days (or perhaps more as people vary) you will feel restricted and long for the time when you drop to your target weight. Now you can eat your normal food again.
Do you see the problem with this scenario? It is called yo-yo dieting. If you stick with your diet then go back to your previous diet, you will just put back all the weight you lost. All the effort and willpower you invested in yourself will be blown away.
But, with the Every Other Day Diet, you will still be eating your 'normal' diet. OK, every other day, but it will not be off-limits. This makes it very much easier on your will power and so is very much easier to achieve results.
And the results will be lasting results, unless you are very careless. This type of diet is well suited as a lifestyle diet. And if you can actually change your lifestyle diet you will be well on the way to permanent weight loss.
The diet itself is designed to 'fool' your body into losing weight. Normally when you change your diet, your body will adapt to the new food regime. If this new regime involves eating less, your body will lower its metabolism to take account of the smaller amount of calories it is getting.
This is normal and nothing to worry about it. Think of your body in caveman days. It make sense to me to conserve energy if food is scarce? That is what your body is doing. Your body is working properly if this happens.
But you do not live in caveman days, do you? You do not need or want your body to go into energy conservation mode. The Every Other Day Diet addresses this problem by varying your diet so your body never gets the regular signals that tell it to conserve energy.
Now you must realize there is far more to the Every Other Day Diet than I have been able to explain here. Click on to get the full picture.
Do you want to know more about this type and various other types of diet? Click on if you are serious about losing weight and you will be able to make your own informed decision.
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Recommended Reading
The Every other day Diet
You Can Lose All The Weight You Want
While Enjoying Your Favorite Foods Every Week.

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